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 Welcome to Feathered and Free, a site dedicated to wild parrots around the world.  Our primary focus is to promote parrot conservation and education through eco-tourism.  We also welcome companion parrot owners and aviculturists who want to learn about parrot behaviour in the wild.   Whether you are an armchair traveller seeking to learn more about wild parrots from the comfort of your home or an adventurer wishing to get up close and personal with parrots in the wild, we have something for everyone!

Parrots!   Their beauty, intelligence and sense of fun have captured the imaginations of humans around the world.   Unfortunately, human fascination with them has led to many species disappearing from the planet and many others are endangered.  Carolina parakeets who were the USA's only native parrot species are gone forever.  Other species such as Spix's Macaws, Golden Conures, Puerto Rican Parrots and the Rimatara Lorikeets (to name only a few) are in danger of disappearing.  Some of the threats to wild parrots include poachers, human encroachment of parrot habitats and destruction of nesting sites.  There are many organizations which are trying to help these wild parrots before we lose them forever.   Eco-tourism is one way you can contribute to their efforts.  Come explore with us the exotic lands which are home to wild parrots!

What is born free should STAY free!          

  • Learn where you can see wild parrots
  • Parrot education at home and overseas
  • How to make your eco-tourism adventure dream a reality
  • How you can help preserve endangered species in the wild.
  • Knowledge of wild parrots' habits can help you offer your companion parrots a better life
  • Chat with fellow parrot adventurers in our messageboard
  • Video interviews with parrot experts
  • Not a traveller?  You can still help, learn how!

Create your own Ecotourism Adventure!

Feathered and Free has launched our new blog Miles To The Wild!  We will show you how to use frequent flyer miles and other loyalty points to facilitate avian ecotourism all over the world.  We will share discounts and tricks of the trade that only experienced travelers knowBe Green and learn how sustainable tourism can help save wild parrots.  Don't just dream, do it!

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Rainbow Lorikeets in Brisbane, Australia

Hyacinth Macaws in the Pantanal, Brazil

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