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Iguassu Falls

The Bird Park is a private enterprise, situated in one of the most attractive parts of the world: near the Iguaçu Falls in the state of Paraná, Brasil.

Rare and colourful birds fly in the huge aviaries which have been built to blend in with the humid subtropical florest. Visitors are able to enter these aviaries and view the birds at close quarters. They will also see alligators, anacondas, pythons, marmosets and butterflies.

The Bird Park was founded in 1994 by Dennis and Anna Croukamp.

They found in Foz do Iguaçu an ideal place to realize their dream: to create a theme park dedicated to wild life conservation.

The park was constructed with the intention of offering ideal breeding conditions for birds, and at the same time guaranteeing the preservation of 16 hectares of native forest.

Modern techniques and careful environmental planning were applied in the design of each aviary.

The Bird Park is now internationally recognized as a result of the work of its experienced technical and administration teams.

At present the Bird Park is the biggest in Latin America.

For more information to help you plan a visit here please visit their website http://www.parquedasaves.com.br/v2/ing.htm

Please join as as we see some of the highlights of this wonderful bird park on our visit in July, 2007.  This first aviary featured conures, pionus, mini-macaws and some other small birds. 

Never leave your bags unattended! 

And now, here's some of the birds of the Pantanal wetlands-amongst them cheeky toucans and the stunning scarlet ibis.

There was a special section for rare parrots.  I met a friendly Hawkhead parrot who loves kisses!

The stunning yet endangered Golden Conure aka Queen of Bavaria Conure

Cheeky toucan


Tiny hummingbirds sip nectar from a feeder


Finally, the highlight of our visit-the macaw aviary!  This was hilarious as we watched macaws swoop on unsuspecting tourists who would run out of the aviary screaming.  I am sure the macaws were up there laughing!  

Who would have thought you would see a Hyacinth Macaw and a Quaker in a bonded relationship?  This was so heartwarming and amazing!

As you say a sad farewell to Parque das Aves, the farewell committee of Jenday Conures say "Bon Voyage"!



Oh yeah, there's a waterfall here too!  


Don't miss the Samba show at Rafain nightclub!

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