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Papageien Park
Papageien Park, Bochum, Germany

Parrot Park Bochum - Portrait

Since 2006, visitors will find the park on a 3,000 m2 area. That's what expects you:.

  • constantly over 250 parrots on sale
  • Sales 1,300 m2 plant with large aviaries
  • 700m2-free flight aviaries
  • Parrot hotel for the accommodation of parrots and parakeets in the holiday season
  • Parrot residence for long-term and permanent care
  • Parking: free and directly at the park
  • Children's playground with pranks enclosure
The Parrot Park Bochum deals with ...
  • Preservation of species by breeding,
  • Sale of parrots - almost in pairs - to responsible owners and lovers,
  • many services around the issue of bird
  • Learning opportunities in the form of seminars and workshops for committed parrot cage,
  • Exclusive adventures for bird friends on guided visits to the aviaries and parrots feeding,

Each sale is anticipated by a detailed specialist advice from Heike Mundt-Poettgen. Learn more?

Easy to reach - good to find:
  • 500 metres from the highway A40
  • 250 metres from the Ruhr Stadium
  • 350 meters from the Starlight Express Hall
  • 1,500 meters from the main station Bochum / City
  • Airports: Duesseldorf International Airport: 30 minutes / Dortmund International Airport: 25 minutes
For more information, see their website (English version)

Here are some photos of a very pleasant morning spent with Heike and her very beautiful feathered friends.

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